Breast Revision Surgery in Everett Washington

Breasts that have been augmented, lifted, or reconstructed may over time develop changes that warrant further surgery. The body sometimes forms a tight scar capsule around an implant that should be released surgically if it becomes noticeable or uncomfortable. Breast tissue, even after surgery to augment or lift the breast, will slowly droop over time. An implant may become more noticeable in the upper part of the breast through this process, and patients may elect to undergo a lift of the breast tissue to reposition it more centrally above the implant. Many patients also reach a point where they no longer want their implants. Simply removing the implants is a quick surgery with a fast recovery, and this will often be combined with a breast lift in order to avoid a “deflated” appearance to the breast. There are many other reasons to seek revision, and your specific concerns can be addressed during your consultation.

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