Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) in Everett / Seattle Washington

The tummy tuck procedure is often considered by women after weight loss or pregnancy has left them with excess fat and skin on the abdomen. Some of this skin can tighten and improve with weight loss and exercise, depending on the patient’s age and skin quality. The normal body contour is often lost as well, with stretching of the deeper tissues that define the shape of the abdomen. “Stretch marks” can be obvious following pregnancy as well. These are related to stretching of the deeper layer of skin and partial separation of the deeper skin layer. Whether all of these factors or just some of them are present, there are a variety of options that may help to improve the appearance of your abdomen. Depending on your specific circumstances, your surgeon with you to make a plan that is tailored to your specific circumstances. Your surgeon will discuss with you the methods available for tightening the deeper tissues in order to contour and narrow the abdomen.

What to expect: During the office consultation you will discuss all aspects of the tummy tuck with one of our surgeons in order to establish a thorough and well-informed plan. Your procedure will begin after consulting with your surgeon and your anesthesiologist or anesthetist about the anesthesia that is safest for you. Your surgeon will mark your abdomen prior to surgery according to the plan discussed with you. Typical incisions are placed in the lower part of your abdomen, and can be designed according to the excess tissue present. An individually tailored plan for you is created in clinic with your surgeon and staff depending on your wishes and the circumstances. In some selected cases, the use of liposuction can be of benefit to improve the shape of the abdomen.

The recovery: The abdomen will have some bruising and swelling that typically improves for several weeks. Your postoperative course is monitored by your surgeon and the staff. Local anesthetic and pain medication are often used to manage any discomfort you might have after the operation. We will teach you how to use some light pressure garments to help support the area after surgery. Our staff will help teach you about managing your drains which are in place temporarily after tummy tuck surgery.

Some of the unlikely complications: Infections, fluid collections, or a hematoma (blood collection) can occur following any type of abdominal surgery, and may require surgical drainage. Occasionally some numbness can occur around the incisions. A more complete discussion of the risks, benefits, and alternatives will always be included at your visit. As always, our efforts are always directed at minimizing the risk of these complications and optimizing your safety.

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