Otoplasty (ear surgery)

Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping Surgery)

This surgical procedure is designed to improve the appearance of protruding ears, by re-shaping cartilage and re-creating folds in the external ear. There are several techniques that are tailored to the individual, including the use of sutures, cartilage shaping and reduction, and skin removal. As part of the surgery, the ear lobe may be reduced or reshaped.

What to expect: Your procedure will begin after consulting with one of our surgeons and your anesthesiologist or anesthetist. Typical incisions are placed behind the ear, often at the connection between the ear and the head, as well as on the back of the ear itself. From this incision the cartilage and internal structures of your ear can be reshaped, using both reduction and suturing techniques to work toward a plan created by you and your doctor.

The recovery: A soft dressing that is held with sutures is sometimes necessary and is removed in the office following your otoplasty. A headband is sometimes necessary and is typically removed after several weeks. The swelling and bruising typically improves over several weeks.

Some of the unlikely complications: Infection, fluid collection or bleeding can occur following any type of otoplasty, and may require surgical drainage, opening the sutures, or other intervention. More rarely tissue damage can occur. A more complete discussion of the risks, benefits, and alternatives will always be included at your visit. As always, our efforts are directed at minimizing the risk of these complications and optimizing your safety.

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