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Other Facial Surgery Before & After Photos

Other Facial Surgery Patient 1

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This patient presented to Dr. Bhama requesting removal of 4 bothersome eyelid lesions on the upper eyelid. She underwent excision under local anesthesia and recovered well. Shown is a post-operative photo demonstrating excellent cosmetic result. She is very pleased.

Other Facial Surgery Patient 2

This young man was referred to Dr. Bhama for nasal obstruction. On exam he had a deviated septum and inferior turbinate hypertrophy as well as a component of valve collapse. He did not desire to have any change the appearance of his nose. Options were discussed including septoplasty and turbinate reduction versus functional septorhinoplasty. The patient elected for septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Notice that there has been no change to the appearance of his nose. He maintains all of his preoperative nasal features without any distortion. He was very happy with the cosmetic result, as well as his breathing.

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