Other Facial Surgery

Other Facial Surgery Before & After Photos

Other Facial Surgery Patient 1

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This patient presented to Dr. Bhama requesting removal of 4 bothersome eyelid lesions on the upper eyelid. She underwent excision under local anesthesia and recovered well. Shown is a post-operative photo demonstrating excellent cosmetic result. She is very pleased.

Other Facial Surgery Patient 2

This young man was referred to Dr. Bhama for nasal obstruction. On exam he had a deviated septum and inferior turbinate hypertrophy as well as a component of valve collapse. He did not desire to have any change the appearance of his nose. Options were discussed including septoplasty and turbinate reduction versus functional septorhinoplasty. The patient elected for septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Notice that there has been no change to the appearance of his nose. He maintains all of his preoperative nasal features without any distortion. He was very happy with the cosmetic result, as well as his breathing.

Other Facial Surgery Patient 3 (Otoplasty)

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with a congenital deformity of the left ear. On her preoperative photo noticed how the left ear projects outward more when compared with the right side. Dr. Bhama discussed management options the patient and she elected to proceed with otoplasty. Dr. Bhama performed otoplasty using skin excision as well as Mustarde sutures. Postoperatively, noticed the substantial improvement in symmetry. A close-up of each ear is shown to demonstrate symmetry. She was very happy with results.

Other Facial Surgery Patient 4

This patient broke her nose resulting in a deformity. Notice deviation of the dorsum to the patient’s left side on pre-operative photos. She presented to Dr. Bhama, and options were discussed. She elected for closed reduction. Dr. Bhama performed closed reduction of her nasal fracture in the operating room. On post-op frontal view, notice the substantial improvement in the dorsal lines. The nose is now straighter. She was very happy with the outcome of surgery.

Other Facial Surgery Patient 5

This patient fell and struck her face resulting in numerous injuries to her face and nose. Notice on the pre-op photos – her left nasal tip skin is largely absent along with the skin from the soft tissue triangle, and there is exposed cartilage. Over the nasal root, there was also avulsed tissue. She also had a septal hematoma. The patient consulted with Dr. Bhama, and multiple options were discussed. Dr. Bhama performed incision and drainage of the septal hematoma under local anesthesia emergently to avoid permanent damage to the septal cartilage. He then took the patient to the operating room to clean the wound and place Integra (a dermal regeneration template) on the wounds. Once the Integra had integrated with the patient’s skin, Dr. Bhama used a skin graft from the left cheek (donor site shown) for grafting over the new nasal tip and soft tissue triangle and the nasal root. Early post-op photos are shown, demonstrating an excellent aesthetic result. She can breathe well through her nose. Her scars will continue to improve with time.

Other Facial Surgery Patient 6

This patient was bit by a dog and seen by an outside physician. Following repair, the scar did not heal to the patient’s liking. Therefore, he was then referred to Dr. Bhama for scar revision. Options were discussed with the patient and he elected for revision surgery. On preoperative photos, noticed collapse of the external nasal valve and nostril on the right side as well as the step-off of the alar rim. Dr. Bhama performed scar excision, adjacent tissue transfer, nasal valve repair, and stabilization of the nasal valve using the patient’s own ear cartilage. Shown is a very early postoperative result demonstrating substantial improvement in the contour of the nostril margin. The patient was able to breathe well through his nose and was very happy with the result. The scar will continue to improve with time.

Other Facial Surgery Patient 7

This patient was referred to Dr. Bhama for management of a large mass of the left ear. Options were discussed and the patient elected for excision. On pre-op photo, notice the large lesion of the antihelix and antitragus. Dr. Bhama performed surgery under local anesthesia. Post-op photos are shown demonstrating an excellent aesthetic result. The mass has not recurred. The patient was very happy.

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