Revision Nasal Surgery/Rhinoplasty

Revision Nasal Surgery/Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

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Revision Nasal Surgery/Rhinoplasty Patient 21

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with a chief complaint of nasal obstruction. He had previously undergone nasal surgery with another surgery. He also desired straightening of the nose cosmetically. Options were discussed and he elected to proceed with revision nasal surgery. On pre-operative photos, notice the crooked dorsum and asymmetric nasal tip. The patient also has a subtle dorsal hump. Dr. Bhama performed septorhinoplasty using auricular cartilage grafting from the patient’s ear, as well as multiple techniques including lateral and medial osteotomies and spreader grafting. Early post-operative photos are shown demonstrating straightening of the dorsum, an improved profile, and a symmetric tip. He was very pleased with the cosmetic appearance of his nose and able to breathe through the nose much better after surgery.

Revision Nasal Surgery/Rhinoplasty Patient 22

This patient has a history of Mohs surgery resulting in a large defect of the left nasal ala which was repaired by Dr. Bhama using an interpolated cheek flap. Her original Post-Mohs photos are shown demonstrating the defect as well. She was very happy with results and also desired rhinoplasty for chronic nasal obstruction issues. On preoperative photos, noticed the slight fullness in the left supra alar region, and a concavity of the right side of the nose. Additionally, notice the dorsal hump on profile view. Dr. Bhama performed septorhinoplasty, which went well. Early postoperative photos are shown demonstrating an improvement in the supra alar fullness on the left side as well as improvement in the concavity on the right. On profile view, noticed the improvement in the dorsal hump. She was very happy with results of surgery from anesthetic and a functional standpoint and was able to breathe much better afterwards. Her swelling will continue to improve with time.

Photo Disclaimer: Before & After photographs shown on this site are actual patients who have given permission to have their photos published. They are for illustrative purposes only. Individual results vary. Reputable surgeons do not guarantee outcomes and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgery.


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