Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) Before & After Photos

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Rhinoplasty Patient 21

This patient was referred to Dr. Bhama for nasal obstruction. On pre-op frontal view, notice the twisted nasal dorsum (bridge) and tip. Base view demonstrates deviation of the tip to the left and asymmetry of the nostrils. On ¾ views notice the dorsal hump. Options were discussed and he elected for septorhinoplasty. Dr. Bhama performed septorhinoplasty with osteotomies and turbinate reduction. Early post-operative photos are shown, demonstrating a substantial improvement in his dorsal hump, straighter dorsum on frontal view, and improved triangularity of the nose on base view. Nostrils are now more symmetric as well. His swelling will continue to improve with time. He was very happy with the appearance and function of his nose.

Rhinoplasty Patient 22

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with a lifelong history of nasal obstruction. On exam he had a very poorly supported nasal tip and a saddle nose deformity. He did not want to have a major change in the appearance of his nose. Dr. Bhama performed complex septorhinoplasty and reconstruction using cartilage harvested from the patient’s rib. The patient is shown postoperatively. Noticed the improvement in the triangularity of the nose on base view and improvement in tip projection. He retains the overall preoperative aesthetic. He was very happy with breathing and cosmetic results.

Rhinoplasty Patient 23

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama complaining of nasal obstruction despite nasal steroid use. She and Dr. Bhama discussed management options and she elected for septorhinoplasty and turbinate reduction. She did not want her nose to look drastically different following surgery. She underwent septorhinoplasty using various techniques including spreader grafts, cephalic trim, and columellar strut. Shown is an early post-operative photo. On frontal view, notice the improvement in the middle vault contour, and improved tip rotation. On oblique view, the tip is in a much more functional as well as aesthetic position. On base view, notice the improvement in the nasal contour and the alignment of the tip in the midline. She was very pleased with her breathing and the aesthetic result.

Rhinoplasty Patient 24

This patient complained of difficulty breathing through his nose after an injury. He had tried nasal steroids and nasal strips with only minimal improvement. He underwent septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction using bilateral spreader grafts, osteotomies, cephalic trim, and a columellar strut. Notice the straighter nose on the frontal view, and substantial improvement in nostril symmetry and airway patency on base view.

Rhinoplasty Patient 25

This young man had a history of nasal trauma resulting in difficulty breathing through his nose as well as an external deformity. He underwent septorhinoplasty, repair of nasal valve, and inferior turbinate reduction. Shown are early post-operative photos. On frontal view, note the substantial improvement in the brow-tip aesthetic line, as well as improvement in nasal tip bulbosity. On base view, he has improvement in nostril symmetry. His scar will continue to fade with time.

Rhinoplasty Patient 26

This patient has a history of two previous nasal injuries. He complained of difficulty breathing through his nose. He underwent septorhinoplasty with extracorporeal septal reconstruction and correction of the nasal valve. Note the improvement in the dorsal lines on frontal view, improved nasal airway on base view, and improved contour on profile view.

Rhinoplasty Patient 27

This patient complained of severe nasal obstruction and on exam had obvious nasal valve collapse. Note the distortion of his right nostril on pre-operative photography. He underwent rhinoplasty with nasal valve repair using a number of techniques including caudal septal extension grafts and spreader grafts. Post-operatively, his breathing improved dramatically. Notice the improvement in his nasal valve collapse.

Rhinoplasty Patient 28

This patient underwent rhinoplasty in another country by a different surgeon. An implant was placed at the time of surgery to augment the nose. The patient presented to Dr. Bhama complaining of recurrent swelling and an extruding implant resulting in nasal obstruction. Options were discussed, and she requested removal of the implant. The implant was removed without creation of a visible scar and the patient recovered well. She is able to breathe through her nose, and was very happy with the result. Shown are her 1 week post-operative photos.

Rhinoplasty Patient 29

This young man was involved in motorcycle accident and injured his nose, resulting in severe nasal obstruction. On pre-op base view, notice the severe leftward septal deviation. He did not wish to have a major cosmetic change to his nose. The patient underwent septorhinoplasty with extracorporeal septoplasty, caudal septal replacement graft and extended spreader graft. The early post-operative photos demonstrate maintenance of his nasal aesthetic, and substantial improvement in the nasal airway. He was very happy with results both cosmetically and functionally and noticed substantial improvement in his breathing.

Rhinoplasty Patient 30

This patient complained of difficulty breathing through his nose. On the pre-op frontal view, notice the pinching of the middle vault region, and the prominent bulbous tip. Post-operatively, notice improvement in the brow-tip aesthetic line, and improvement in nostril symmetry. He noted a substantial improvement in breathing. The scar will continue to fade with time.

Photo Disclaimer: Before & After photographs shown on this site are actual patients who have given permission to have their photos published. They are for illustrative purposes only. Individual results vary. Reputable surgeons do not guarantee outcomes and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgery.


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