Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) Before & After Photos

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Rhinoplasty Patient 31

This patient complained of nasal obstruction, and also desired a smoother appearing nose on frontal view. On profile view, he wished to reduce, but preserve some of his dorsal hump to achieve a natural “non-operated” look. He underwent rhinoplasty with repair of the nasal valve and straightening of the nasal septum. Post-operatively, notice the much smoother brow-tip aesthetic line on frontal view, and the improvement in the profile. He maintains his overall nasal aesthetic, but has a natural, improved look. He was very happy with the improvement in his breathing as well.

Rhinoplasty Patient 32

This gentleman was involved in a car accident and severely injured his nose. He found it very difficult to breathe through his nose. On exam, his septum was accordion shaped and very deviated in both directions, causing severe nasal airway obstruction. He also had a saddle nose deformity, most obvious on the profile view. He desired improvement in his nasal airway, and a subtle, yet natural improvement in the projection of his nasal tip and dorsum. He did not desire a “operated” look and wished to have his nose look as close to possible as it did before the injury. Dr. Bhama performed a complicated rhinoplasty and septal reconstruction using autologous rib cartilage and perichondrium harvested from the patient’s chest. Post-operatively, the patient was very happy with the improvement in his nasal airway. Pain from rib harvest was easily controlled with post-operative pain medication. Notice the subtle improvement in the tip projection on base view and dorsal projection most evident on ¾ and profile views.

Rhinoplasty Patient 33

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with severe nasal obstruction on both sides. On pre-operative frontal view, note the crooked nasal dorsum and very narrow middle vault. On base view, the dorsal deviation is notable. Also note the asymmetry of the nostrils. Dr. Bhama performed septorhinoplasty with osteotomies and tip work, along with inferior turbinate reduction. He desired a natural non-operated look. During the same operation, the patient underwent sinus surgery as well. Post-operative he noted a substantial improvement in his nasal airway. One week post-operative photos are shown, demonstrating an obvious improvement in frontal appearance of the nose, as well as improvement in nostril symmetry on base view. Profile view demonstrates substantial improvement in his dorsal hump.

Rhinoplasty Patient 34

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with complaints of nasal obstruction. On her pre-operative frontal view, note the excessive nostril show and the triangular appearance of the nose. On profile view, she has alar retraction on the right side resulting in excessive columellar show and a subtle saddle nose deformity. She did not desire a major cosmetic change. She underwent septorhinoplasty with osteotomies with Dr. Bhama. Post-operatively, notice the substantial improvement in nostril show on frontal view, as well as the improved dorsal lines. Right profile view demonstrates improved columellar show due to corrected alar retraction. She was very happy with the result.

Rhinoplasty Patient 35

This gentleman has a history of nasal injury in the past resulting in a nasal deformity and nasal obstruction. On pre-operative frontal view, note deviation of the dorsum to the patient’s right side. On base view, he has obviously asymmetric nostrils with narrowing of the external nasal valve on the left side. The patient wanted to maintain the overall appearance of his nose. Dr. Bhama performed rhinoplasty, septoplasty and inferior turbinate reduction. Several techniques were used including clocking sutures, spreader grafting, pedestal narrowing, and a columellar strut. Post-operatively, he was very happy with his result. He is breathing much better. Notice the straighter dorsum on frontal view, and more symmetric nostrils on base view. His overall nasal appearance has been maintained as he desired.

Rhinoplasty Patient 36

This young lady presented to Dr. Bhama complaining of nasal obstruction. She had broken her nose in the past. She wanted her nose to be symmetric, but otherwise did not want a major change in the appearance of her nose, and desired a non-operated look. On pre-operative frontal view, notice the very narrow middle vault and deviation of the nose to the left side. She also has a suggestion of an inverted-V deformity. On pre-op base view, deviation of the tip to the left is obvious. Profile view reveals a “scooped out” appearance to the nose. She underwent rhinoplasty with auricular cartilage graft and osteotomies. Post-operative, she noticed substantial improvement in her nasal breathing. She was pleased with the aesthetic changes. On frontal view post-op, notice improvement in her dorsal lines. On base view, the scar is minimally noticeable, and there is excellent correction of the tip asymmetry. Profile view demonstrates substantial improvement in her “scooped” appearance.” She is also finds that she is able to use glasses more easily since her bridge is now stronger.

Rhinoplasty Patient 37

Septorhinoplasty, caudal septal extension grafts, tip refinement, straightening of dorsum, auricular cartilage grafting.

Rhinoplasty Patient 38

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with severe nasal obstruction. On pre-operative base view, notice the collapse of the left and deviation of the columella and medial crus. On frontal and profile view, note the droopiness of the nasal tip. He underwent complex septorhinoplasty with Dr. Bhama using multiple techniques including extracorporeal septoplasty, use of costal cartilage grafting, extended spreader grafts, and more. Post-operatively, notice the improvement in nostril symmetry. Additionally, notice the improvement in tip rotation and reduction in droopiness of the tip on profile view. The patient was very happy with results from a breathing and cosmetic standpoint.

Rhinoplasty Patient 39

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with severe nasal obstruction and a history of sleep apnea. She had consulted with other surgeons previously. She did not wish to have a major change to the appearance of her nose. Dr. Bhama performed septorhinoplasty using multiple techniques including spreader grafts, dome defining sutures, columellar strut, and flaring sutures. Turbinate reduction was performed at the same time. Post-operatively, the patient was very happy with results from a cosmetic standpoint, and her nasal breathing improved dramatically. Notice the lack of major cosmetic changes between the pre and post-operative photos.

Rhinoplasty Patient 40

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with severe nasal obstruction. He did not desire a chance to the cosmetic appearance of his nose. On examination, he had septal deviation and valve collapse. Dr. Bhama performed rhinoplasty with septal repair, and nasal valve repair. Turbinate reduction was also performed. Shown is his post-operative photos. Notice the lack of major aesthetic changes. The patient noted a substantial improvement in his breathing and was very happy with the results of surgery.


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