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Skin Cancer Before & After Photos

Skin Cancer Patient 1

Skin Cancer Patient 1

This patient was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the lower lip. Dr. Bhama performed complex full thickness excision of a large portion of the lower lip followed by reconstruction. This is an early post-operative photo demonstrating excellent contour of the lower lip. Note the continuity of the vermillio-cutaneous border. The patient retains excellent function of the lower lip.

Skin Cancer Patient 2

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This patient underwent Mohs surgery for excision of a basal cell carcinoma from the nose and was referred to Dr. Bhama for repair of the resulting defect. Note the defect of the left nasal ala. Because of the importance of this structure in breathing, the patient had to undergo not only reconstruction of the skin defect, but repair of the nasal valve to facilitate breathing. She underwent complex staged reconstruction using an interpolated melolabial flap with auricular (ear) cartilage grafting. Her intermediate photo is also shown, demonstrating the pedicled flap. Also shown in an early post-operative view demonstrating excellent contour of the nose. No revision surgery has been performed, and no steroid injections have been performed.

Skin Cancer Patient 3

Skin Cancer Patient 3

This patient was referred to Dr. Bhama for reconstruction of the lip following Mohs surgery for skin cancer. Pre-operatively, there is a large defect of the central lip with exposed muscle. Dr. Bhama performed vermillionectomy and sublabial mucosal advancement flap. An early post-operative picture is shown demonstrating excellent lip contour. Lip function is preserved and the patient is pleased with the result.

Skin Cancer Patient 4

Dr. Bhama was asked to perform reconstruction on this patient who underwent Mohs surgery for treatment of skin cancer. Pre-operative photographs show a substantial defect of the right nasal ala and sidewall extending nearly down to the mucosa. Options were discussed with the patient including melolabial interpolated flap, paramedian forehead flap, and delayed reconstruction technique. The patient elected for delayed reconstruction technique using a full thickness skin graft from the pre-auricular region (in front of ear) on the right side. Early post-operative photos show an excellent cosmetic result. No revision surgery has been performed, and no steroid injections have been performed. The patient’s ability to breathe through the nose on that side has also been preserved. The appearance of the donor site in the cheek in front of the right ear will continue to improve with time.

Skin Cancer Patient 5

This patient presented to Dr. Bhama with an abnormal appearing lesion of the upper lip. Biopsy confirmed squamous cell carcinoma in situ. He was referred to dermatology and underwent Mohs surgery. He returned to Dr. Bhama with the defect in the upper lip noted in the pre-op photo. Notice the large defect of the upper central lip extending to the underlying muscle. Dr. Bhama performed a sublabial mucosal advancement flap under local anesthetic in clinic. Post-operatively, the patient has complete function of his lip and is pleased with the result.

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